Vancouver is a beautiful coastal city and one of the most linguistically and ethnically diverse cities of Canada. It has a diverse population consisting of English, Scottish, Irish, German and Asian people. The Chinese are the largest visible ethnic group in Vancouver at present. The Vancouver school of conceptual photography is a concept which developed in the 1980’s. Here, photographers shot photos of high intensity and complex content which had a social impact. This shows that photography has been an integral part of the arts and culture of Vancouver for a long time. Further, mostly every Vancouver wedding photographer provides both photography and videography options and uses all the latest trends to capture the special moments in the lives of couples.

The photography process

The Vancouver wedding photographer tries to tell the couple’s story through photography. Each photo is a work of art and captures every single detail of the big day for the couples to cherish throughout their lives. It is not merely a job to be completed. The Vancouver wedding photographer does a detailed background research of every couple to know them better and to faithfully represent their unique stories. The photography process starts much before the actual shots are taken. The couple discusses the events which they want the photographer to cover. Apart from the wedding, the couple can ask for pre-wedding sessions, engagement shots and reception shots. They can fix some must-have shots which they want specifically.

On the day of the wedding, the photographer captures every moment and then in the post-production editing, these photos are converted into creative pieces of art reflecting the individual style of every couple. Ordinary details are made extraordinary with the help of highlights, tones and hues. The photos are either given to the couple in customised flash drives for longer preservation or in the form of albums.

Some of the latest trends in wedding photography

Nowadays, couples like to try out unconventional styles and themes to make their photographs stand out. The trend of using photo booths has taken over couples in Vancouver too. Any kind of look can be achieved through photography. Couples can choose the quirky and bohemian style or the classic and vintage look. Couples with an artistic bent upon mind can ask the photographer to add filters to give the photos an artsy feel. Photoshop is extensively used to edit the photo according to the theme chosen by the couple. Instant photography and same day edit options are also very popular. Couple photography is accompanied by bridal party shots, photos with friends and family and candid shots of the whole event.

Looking for a wedding photographer

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You should choose only the best photographer for your big day because the wedding photos are some things which you will cherish for the rest of your life. You cannot let some amateur photographer mess up the photos as you cannot go back and reshoot the wedding. Many wedding photographers Vancouver has are experienced and professional in their approach. So you can opt for their services without worry.