In the world of culinary arts, the Western and Eastern cuisines offer distinctive qualities that make each one unique. Whether you like one over the other, it is also good to explore different flavors offered by other cuisines. In the Eastern culinary scene, Thai food is one of the most popular and sought after types of cooking. There are several Thai recipes available for home cooks who want to learn how to prepare these delicious meals at home. But if you want to recreate authentic Thai dishes at home, you need to learn the basic qualities that set it apart from Western cuisine.

The main characteristic of Thai cooking such as stir fry recipes and San Choy Bow recipe is that they use quick preparations. Other cooking techniques such as blanching, poaching and parboiling are also used to highlight the freshness of ingredients. Even though flexibility makes it easier to follow Thai recipes, it is also the same reason why it can be challenging.

Here are some of the distinct qualities that are evident in Thai cooking:

Combination of Flavors and Heat

In Thai cooking, or if you want to recreate Masterchef recipes using Thai influences, you need to have these four flavor components: sour, sweet, salty and creamy. The addition of heat from spices is the finishing component to the dish. Even though there are more than one flavor component, the beautiful thing about Thai cuisine is that there is a balance in these flavors. Not one flavor is overpowering the rest but instead there is a good blend of different flavors rolled into one.

Fresh is the Name of the Game

Thailand is blessed with fertile soil that enables it to grow the freshest vegetables, herbs and spices. In addition, it also comes with a bountiful source of seafood. Hence, you can expect to see a lot of use for these ingredients in Thai cuisine.

No Measuring Rules

Another notable feature of Thai cooking is that there is no specific rule on measurements. Most Thai cooks use their own judgment when determining how much to add of each ingredient. This is the part that makes Thai cooking both fun and difficult.

Spice It Up!

The use of spicy flavor is also notable in Thai food. Aside from aromatic herbs, adding chili and other complex spices provide another layer of flavor to the dishes.

Culinary Influence

Even though there is a distinctive quality to the flavors of Thai dishes, would you believe that the cuisine has obtained influences from all over the world? The Thai cuisine was quick to adapt foreign food items into an already rich repertoire of fresh flavors and spices. But the most impressive feature is its ability to transform these foreign flavors into something unique to Thai food.

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